VoIP Start Up Expands

TelecomTraining Editor, Nov 27,2022 The prepaid market is no longer only about prepaid calling cards. Technology is evolving and service providers must remain competitive with the latest features and market trends.

Here's one example of how Broadtele, https://www.broadtele.com/estore in London used our solutions to create a thriving business.

As a Sri Lankan immigrant who built a successful accounting practice from the ground up, RatnamSugu knows how to leverage excellent customer service, a quality product, and strong market knowledge to create business opportunity. When conversations with friends in the immigrant community frequently turned to their dissatisfaction with traditional international calling—the high cost, the inconvenience of using a PIN, the frustration that made calling family back home something to be dreaded rather than enjoyed—he saw an opportunity to use VoIP technology to both help his community and build a new business, Broadtele.

The fact that Ratnam had little technical understanding of the VoIP industry did not deter him, although his difficulties in working with his initial VoIP provider nearly did. It wasn't until Ratnam contacted TelecomTraining.net in 2010 that he was finally able to do what he had set out to do: provide a low-cost, user-friendly way for immigrants to call internationally—and build a successful, growing VoIP business.