E-Commerce Websites re-design

TelecomTraining Editor, Sep 30,2023 Breaking up with your site's design.

Well we are emotionally tied to the old working website, business has grown and now needs the current website just is not capable of Fulfilling. Plus you will aways have the memories. But how can you be positive that its time to dump your sites old design in favor of something new?

There are numerous indicators thats its time for re-design. New relic can give an average on slow load times, high bounce rate and decline in web traffic. So in anyways a re-design is important to make sure our narrative remains clear and simple. Also redesign helps to be focused on Web, tables and Mobile. Identify the pressing issue identified from customer so they can be dealt and fixed in rebuilding process. Otherwise you stand to face the same problems once the new site is live. But just because the decision has been made to go in a new direction, does not mean you must lose everything you and your old site worked towards