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Why Complete a
Selling Profile

    • TelecomMentor members who choose to provide services in the marketplace should first complete a Selling Profile to enhance their credibility as a company or sole entity.
    • Providers may choose multiple categories to allow their Selling Profile to be active in the marketplace search engine.
    • If you will be posting bid proposals on TelecomMentor, a default selling profile will be required.
    • You may select the Category A and Category B item that reflects your expertise, and then:
      • Upload your Logo
      • Upload your Résumé
      • Provide your Skills
      • Provide your Contact Information
      • Supply your References
      •  Indicate your Availability
      •  Provide Detailed Information
    • TelecomMentor has a Verification Setting where you may set your fee to charge Buyers.
    • The Verification method helps marketplace Service Buyers with their decisions regarding awarding of bids for their projects.
    •  Buyers may also upload a company logo and résumé in the space provided.
    • The Verify button remains faded until answers are submitted.
    •  Once a Provider clicks Update, he or she may go back and click the Verify button to pay $2 to TelecomMentor to validate the entries.
    • Once TelecomMentor updates the request as verified, the Verified button will reflect the information has been verified with a Verified Icon.


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