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For your Free Training to Appear on TelecomMentor Website, please follow the below Instructions:
  1. You can select a TOPIC where TelecomMentor does not have a Training Presentation.
  2. Meaning do not send same Topics we have covered such as SS7, FemtoCell or Wimax. It has to be a different Topic.
  3. Training Slides should be minimum 10 and Maximum 15 slides without copyrighted materials
  4. Presentation should be Telecom Related
  5. We will provide the VOICE and upload the slides
  6. Email to with Subject " Telecom Free Training Slides"
  7. You will earn US $20 worth of Gift Certificate or 500 Points with TelecomMentor Website for each Topic
  8. Adding good flow of presentation, with good diagrams, pictures and scripts for voice( No voice just words & technical sentence for voice) will get additional 250 points.
  9. We will add your company name or individual name and email address to the end of presentation.

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