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Friends, Describe Secure storage and distribution of A-Keys?
How do I monitor SS7 Traffic in spectra2?
what is the difference between E1 signal & Ethernet signal ?
Explain me the difference between a repeater, bridge and router? Relate this to the OSI model.
What is the difference between BRI & PRI ?
Can you tell me about PBGT?
Guys what is the purpose of Umbrella Cell Approach in GSM ?
What is GGSN?
What is the difference between Electrical-tilt and Mechanical-tilt of an antenna?
how can we explain media gateway in MSc?
What is BSC?
Can any one explain me how sms flow will work using ss7 network ?( from physical layer to application layer)
Explain SLTA and SLTM messages in MTP3?
why cellphone towers are painted in red and white?
Hi guys what is WAP?
what is EDAp? what is the functions of EDAP?
wat is the difference betweem MSC & GMSC, & MSS & GCS?
what is sdh?
What is demarc point?
What is a circuit id?

(Network +) Certification
Anyone tell me, what is the minimum microprocessor required to install Windows 2000?
Zechariah - 05-August-2007 07:01:16 PM
 Please tell me Safe Mode Enable Boot Logging - Starts Windows 2000 while logging all the drivers and services that were loaded (or not loaded) by the system to a file. This file is called?
Jason - 05-August-2007 07:00:51 PM
 Help me what is the bare minimum amount of RAM supported by Windows 2000 Professional?
Mike - 05-August-2007 06:58:09 PM
 I need help; what key combination in Windows 2000 brings up a menu where you can change your password?
Cristopher - 04-August-2007 06:57:46 PM
 Anyone tell me, what is the file that Ntldr reads in order to know what options and timeout to present?
Clifford - 04-August-2007 06:53:32 PM
 Friends Windows 2000 uses the new NTFS5 file system, what other OS can access an NTFS5 partition?
Hunter - 04-August-2007 06:53:13 PM
 I need help; Which Windows version does not come with a Defragment program?
Lincoln - 04-August-2007 06:52:47 PM
 Hi what utility converts a hard drive from FAT16 to FAT32?
Simon - 04-August-2007 06:52:27 PM
 Anyone tell me what program can I select from the tools menu in the System Information Utility, which detects devices that prevent Windows from starting?
Freddy - 03-August-2007 06:52:07 PM
 Hi guys when I press the F8 key while Win 98 is booting what happens?
Rowan - 03-August-2007 06:51:39 PM
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