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What is BSC?
roger 05-October-2007 12:18:19 PM


For you reference

Posted by justfawad

BSC is abbreviated as Base Station Controller and is also connecte to the MSC. It provides radio resource management functions in telecom networks and govern how and when mobile device can acccess to the radio channel. Several BTS's connected to the BSC in a region.
Posted by sizzlingfauji

BSC is a Base Station Controller and is a special component in mobile wireless communication environment and various BTS in a region are connected to the BSC as BSC controls all the BTS their resources e.g. air interface uplink and downlink frame and packet scheduling, signals levels, error rates, handover and various other parameters and provide connectivity back to the MSC and core of the mobile communication network.
Posted by sizzlingfauji

Base Station Controller (BSC)
As previously mentioned, the BSC provides the control for the BSS. The functions of
the BSC are shown in the table opposite.
Any operational information required by the BTS will be received via the BSC. Likewise
any information required about the BTS (by the OMC for example) will be obtained by the
The BSC incorporates a digital switching matrix, which it uses to connect the radio
channels on the air interface with the terrestrial circuits from the MSC.
The BSC switching matrix also allows the BSC to perform “handovers” between radio
channels on BTSs, under its control, without involving the MSC.
Base Transceiver
Station – BTS
The BTS provides the air interface connection with the MS. I also has a limited amount of
control functionality which reduces the amount of traffic passing between the BTS and

Posted by saqlain231

BSC stands for base station controller
which controls different BTS or base stations
Posted by blackmamba

A Bachelor of Science (B.S., B.Sc. or BSc in the UK; less commonly, S.B., B.S.c. or Sc.B. from the Latin Scientić Baccalaureus) is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for completed courses that generally last three to five years (see below).
Commonly in the Commonwealth and Ireland graduands are admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Science after having completed a programme in one or more of the sciences. These programmes may take different lengths of time to complete.

A Bachelor of Science receives the designation B.Sc. or B.S. for a major/pass degree and B.Sc. (Hons) or B.S. (Hons) for an honours degree. In Ireland the former B.Sc. was changed to B.Sc. (Hons.) which is awarded after 4 years. The B.Sc. (Ord.) is awarded after 3 years.

Whether a subject is considered a science or an art can vary between universities. For example, an economics degree may be given as a B.A. by one university but as a B.Sc by another. Biology, biochemistry, maths, physics, chemistry, general science, earth science, and computer science are almost universally considered to be sciences.

Even in these cases, there are exceptions. The London School of Economics offers B.Sc. degrees in practically all subject areas, even those normally associated with arts degrees, while the Oxbridge universities award arts qualifications almost exclusively. In both instances, this is generally for historical and traditional reasons. The first university to admit a student to the degree of Bachelor of Science was the University of London in 1860. Prior to this science subjects were included in the B.A. bracket, notably in the cases of mathematics, physics, physiology and botany.[1] Formerly at the University of Oxford, the degree of B.Sc. was a postgraduate degree; this former degree, still actively granted, has since been renamed M.Sc.
Posted by waqasahmad

BSC is a Base Station Controller. Now in cellular system, if you are aware, it has many cells, one geographic area is divided in to hexagonal cells. In each cell there will be one or more BTS (base transciever station), which is responsible for coverage in that particular area. Now BTSs are like Field Sales personals, they do not have any intellignece, they are controlled by Area Sales Manager, which is a BSC in GSM's Case. BSC controls the radio resources, it controls handover. Power control is also done by BSC. I hope it clarifies.
Posted by jmehta

BSC stands for Base Station Controller and in the BSS(Base Station System) in which it controls all the BTS in that BSS.
Posted by shehenshah

1:BSC stand for Bachular of Science
2:BSC "Base Switching Centre"
Posted by waqasahmad

BSC stands for Base station controller. It control one or more bts, handover between bts & also provide a path for MS to communicate with MSC.
Posted by Hash007

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