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What's the benefit of using a hub?
RonaldDJ 30-July-2007 04:13:32 PM


Posted by crouse

Posted by crouse

Posted by crouse

Hi! Hubs offer a number of advantages. First, they implement networks in a "physical star" topology - just like the telephone system - in which all connections radiate out from a single location. This arrangement provides a central point for network installation, maintenance and management, allowing moves, additions and changes to be accomplished quickly and easily. The physical star topology also ensures that a problem on one device will not affect other users on the network. LED indicators on the hub alert you to these faults, helping you immediately identify and resolve problems on one link while the rest of the system continues running. Finally, hubs operate over a building's structured cabling system - in most cases, the unshielded twisted pair telephone wire already installed in your office. That means every location with a phone is pre-wired with a network connection, letting you avoid the difficult and disruptive task of running your own cable. Thanks.
Posted by henry

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