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What is the difference between BRI & PRI ?
Can you tell me about PBGT?
What is GGSN?
What is the difference between Electrical-tilt and Mechanical-tilt of an antenna?
What is BSC?
Guys what is the purpose of Umbrella Cell Approach in GSM ?
how can we explain media gateway in MSc?
Can any one explain me how sms flow will work using ss7 network ?( from physical layer to application layer)
Explain SLTA and SLTM messages in MTP3?
why cellphone towers are painted in red and white?
what is EDAp? what is the functions of EDAP?
wat is the difference betweem MSC & GMSC, & MSS & GCS?
what is sdh?
Hi guys what is WAP?
What is difference in between soft handover and hard handover in UMTS network ?
Friends, What is the purpose of Packet Control Unit in BSC?

Telecom General
What are the Frequency Ranges of GSM 900, EGSM 900, DCS 1800 and PCS 1900?
HamidAliKhan - 12-November-2008 03:57:58 PM
Guys what is the purpose of Umbrella Cell Approach in GSM ?
HamidAliKhan - 12-November-2008 03:57:43 PM
Can any one explain the Fax service call flow.IF possible pls send the link if there is any document regarding this call flow
nitinzte - 11-October-2008 12:44:36 AM
Sometimes when we receive an international call then we recieve the calling number as 4 digits prefix with +sign. How the MSCs mapped that number
nitinzte - 25-September-2008 02:54:29 PM
optical networking. .. Does any one clearly explain the difference of Time slot numbering scheme and Tributary (K-L-M) numbering scheme in SDH ITU-T, why the two numbering scheme needed?
gopi80_giga - 27-August-2008 11:55:30 AM
i am presently working in airtel an engineer(2006) batch in airtel for almost 1 year i am intersted in wireless ,voip and preparing ccna plz give me a carrier advice?
sriarvindhan - 21-August-2008 12:19:28 AM
Difference between telecom link and D-channel O&M link?
sarathy_26 - 20-August-2008 03:34:54 PM
why transcoding of speech signals at GSM end is 13Kbps and from PCM end is 32Kbps,64Kbps?
sarathy_26 - 18-August-2008 08:44:42 PM
why we use exactly 2Mbps PCM lines? not 4 ,5Mbps?
sarathy_26 - 18-August-2008 08:43:52 PM
Is there any software to convert pointcode from 8-8-8 bits to Decimal or viceversa in ITU (C7 , 14 bits)?
hwhite - 03-July-2008 09:15:31 PM
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