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Friends I have a doubt that, what is Local loop?
Glenn 03-October-2007 06:31:25 PM


Local loop connections can be used to carry a range of services
Posted by sagitraz

Posted by crouse

Posted by crouse

In telephony, the local loop (also referred to as a subscriber line) is the physical link or circuit that connects from the demarcation point of the customer premises to the edge of the carrier or telecommunications service provider's network. At the edge of the carrier network in a traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) scenario, the local loop terminates in a circuit switch housed in an ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) CO (Central Office). Traditionally, the local loop was wireline in nature from customer to central office, specifically in the form of an electrical circuit (i.e., loop) provisioned as a single twisted pair in support of voice communications. However, modern implementations may include a digital loop carrier system segment or fiber optic transmission system known as fiber-in-the-loop.

The local loop may terminate at a circuit switch owned by a CLEC (Competitive LEC) and housed in a POP, which typically is either an ILEC CO or a "carrier hotel".

A local loop may be provisioned to support data communications applications, or combined voice and data such as digital subscriber line (DSL).

Local loop connections can be used to carry a range of services, including:

* analog voice and signaling used in traditional POTS
* Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
* variants of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

Many owners of local loops are public utilities that hold a natural monopoly. To prevent the owner from using this natural monopoly to monopolize other fields of trade, some jurisdictions require utilities to unbundle the local loop, that is, make the local loop available to their competitors.

The term "local loop" is sometimes used for any "last mile" connection to the customer, regardless of technology or intended purpose. Hence the phrase "wireless local loop".

Local loop connections in this sense include:

* Electric power line local loop: PLT or PLC
* Optical local loop: Fiber Optics services such as FiOS
* Satellite local loop: communications satellite and cosmos Internet connections of satellite television (DVB-S)
* Cable local loop: Cablemodem
* Wireless local loop (WLL): LMDS, WiMAX, GPRS, HSDPA, DECT

Posted by waqasahmad

Telephone terminology
 Refers to connection between residence/business and central office
 Crosses public right-of-way
 Originally for analog POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)
 Remember: This refers simply as the telephone line that goes from your house to the central office (CO)

Posted by HamidAliKhan

The physical line installed by the carrier to support the connection between the customer's premise and the carrier's point-of-presence. Local loop, sometimes referred to as the last mile, is used to enable access one or more networks and carrier services.
Posted by anish_kris

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