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Hello friends, tell me what is Local toll?
Jacoby 03-October-2007 06:31:44 PM


Local toll calls, generally referred to as regional toll calls.
Posted by sagitraz

www.everdial.net/localtollcallsexplained.asp - 45k -
Posted by crouse

Local toll calls, also known as intralata or regional toll calls, are calls made to numbers outside of your local calling area, but before your long distance area. These calls are usually carried by your local phone company, but buyer beware because unless you have a specific local toll calling plan these calls may be billed at rates of up to 45 per minute or even higher.

You should also be aware that long distance carriers now offer local toll calls, sometimes at rates much lower than those offered by your local phone company.

For example Everdial offers local toll calls at the same rate as intrastate calls, for example with everdial1 our California intrastate rate is 3.49 so that is also our local toll rate.
Posted by waqasahmad

One of four traditional regulated toll carrier service categories, also known as intralata toll or regional toll. Refers to calls in which the call and receiver axe in the same local access and transport area (LATA).
Posted by anish_kris

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