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Hi guys what is Long distance?
thomasbrett 03-October-2007 06:32:01 PM


Long distance is said to be long haul communication in general sense.
Posted by sagitraz

Long distance skateboard pumping is a technique that allows longboard skateboarders to go on distance excursions much the same way one would travel across town on a bicycle, without ever touching foot to ground. It is also referred to as "LDP."

Longboard-skateboard technology has rapidly advanced since the 1970s, and along with those changes is a new breed of distance-pumping skateboarder. LDP sessions can be casual 5- to 10- mile pump cruises on flat bike / rollerblading trails. Within the last two years, LDP riders have been breaking world distance records for 24 hour LDP riding where a gyrating, pumping motion is the primary means for moving the skateboard forward. Recent records include James Peters' 208 mile ride in May 2008 and Barefoot Ted McDonald's 242 mile ride on June 14th during the Ultraskate IV held in Seattle, Washington which set a new world record [1].

Learning to pump is easiest with loose, tight-turning skateboard trucks. Although it is possible to pump with any truck, stiffer more conventional shortboard trucks take much more skill and effort. Trucks with a tight turning radius include Bennet, Original, Revenge, and Seismic.
Posted by waqasahmad

the long haul communication is the term long distance
Posted by HamidAliKhan

One of four traditional regulated toll carrier service cate¬gories, also known as interstate toll.
Posted by elie

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